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Welcome to Cool-Rite Cooler Company, The South's Water Cooler Specialist Since 1947. Sunroc Corporation Master Distributor.

We offer a complete line of Sunroc Water Coolers and Sunroc Drinking Fountains, as well as Sunroc Repair Parts and Accessories. If you're ever in New Orleans, Louisiana area...come stop by!

Sunroc (Sun Rock) Water Coolers are our specialty - not a sideline! This is why we offer the best service and the lowest prices!

Cool-Rite Cooler Co. Inc. stocks a complete line of Sunroc Repair Parts and Replacement Parts for following models of Sunroc Water Coolers & Sunroc Drinking Water Fountains

Sunroc Corporation & Sunroc (Sun Rock) Water Coolers -Drinking Water Fountains - Pressure, Electric, ADA, Handicapped, Barrier Free, Bottled, Bottleless, Commercial, Home, Office, Schools, Parks, Outside.

Cool-Rite Cooler Co. Inc. offers and stocks a variety of Sunroc Water Coolers Parts & Drinking Water Fountains Parts.

Sunroc Corporation - Water Cooler & Sun Rock Drinking Fountain Models: ADA-8HF, NWCA-8F, SF-5590, ADA-8-BLN, NWCA-8HF, SF-5650, ADA-8N, PSR-12, SF-6000, CSF-10, PSR-8, SF-7000, CSF-3, SAFE II, SF-7002, CSF-5, SF-2000, SF-7040, CSF-8, SF-2050, SF-7070, CSW-13, SF-2200, SF-7080, CSW-4, SF-2465, SF-7175, CSW-8, SF-2500, SF-7240, HCWC-8(F), SF-2600, SF-7245, HCWC-8ET, SF-2655, SF-7300, HCWC-8HF, SF-2680, SF-8000, NSF-10, SF-2800, SF-8055, NSF-14, SF-2880, SF-8125, NSF-14H, SF-3000, SF-8130, NSF-16, SF-3100, SF-8180, NSF-20, SF-3200, SF-8185, NSF-4, SF-3255, SF-8250, NSF-8, SF-3270, SF-8275, NSF-8H, SF-3300, SF-8375, NSW-10, SF-3400, SF-8385, NSW-14, SF-3455, SF-8400, NSW-16, SF-3600, SF-8455, NSW-5, SF-3655, SF-8600, NSW-8, SF-4000, SF-8655, NWCA-5, SF-4100, SF-8670, NWCA-5BL, SF-4200, SF-8675, NWCA-5ET, SF-4600, SF-8750, NWCA-5F, SF-5000, SF-8800, NWCA-5HF, SF-5500, SF-8900, NWCA-8, SF-5510, SRC-12, NWCA-8BL, SF-5550, SRC-8, NWCA-8ET, SF-5575.

New Model #'s of Sunroc(Sun Rock)Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains: ADA8AC, ADA8ACHF, ADA8ACB, ADA8ACHF, ADAV8AC, ADAV8ACB, ADAF8AC, ADA8FACHF, ADAF8ACB, ADAFA8ACBHF, HCWCD8, NSWD8, NSWD14,CSWD3, CSWD4, SRCD8, SRCD14, PSRD8, PSRD14, CSFD3, CSFD5, CSFD10, NSFD8, NSFD14, NSFS13L, R1P, RC5, RWCD8, RWCD12,

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